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Harry Potter in Chinese Traditional Stories Off-Line Studies

Free Harry Potter Chinese Edition Excerpts

Harry Potter in Chinese

Read them with these Chinese vocabulary guides:

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 I believe that this extracurricular reading of the Harry Potter novels will bring on my Mandarin in leaps and bounds.
William Shaw, a LittleNex Member.

Advanced Chinese

The stories selected here come from well-known tales, poems, or stories. The Chinese vocabulary presented in this section is richer and more specific than in the intermediate ebooks section. The advanced student is here encouraged to grow less dependent on pinyin or translation in order to read Chinese without support. These Chinese language eBooks and eTexts are part of the Chinese language courses at LittleNex.

How to Read our Advanced Chinese Ebooks

Just click on a free title to download the free Chinese language ebook in PDF format or subscribe at our member website for more titles. All eBooks have a clean and elegant design and are optimized to be viewed at a 65-75% magnification level.

Chinese Traditional Texts

Chinese Proverbs, Poems, and Stories

The Chinese Proverbs are annotated and all advanced vocabulary words are translated and transcribed in pinyin. Given the difficulty for reading and understanding Chinese poems, the Chinese Poems for Advanced Students are annotated and ALL characters are translated and transcribed in pinyin. Peach Blossom Shangri-la is written with traditional characters with NO pinyin transcription. However, the English translation is provided to aid with comprehension.

Study Off-Line with Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Chinese Text and Vocabulary Guide

A selection of intermediate to advanced vocabulary words listed in order of appearance in the official Chinese translation of the Harry Potter series (written by J.K. Rowling, translated by Cao Suling and Ma Ainong, published by Renmin Wenxue Chubanshi).

Simplified Chinese characters (in grey), Pinyin (in blue), and English definitions (in green) are color-coded for a better reading experience. The format allows students and other learners to annotate directly on the pages. Certain names of characters or places in the Harry Potter novels are included according to their relevance or when they could represent a pitfall for the students.

 The book arrived on time (…) and overall really is a great tool!
William Shaw (Member).

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