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Harry Potter Chinese Reading Practice
Harry Potter in Chinese Chinese Classics

These Chinese reading exercises are part of the LITTLENEX Chinese learning program.

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Harry Potter in Chinese

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Harry Potter in Chinese

Read the Harry Potter excerpts with their Chinese vocabulary guides (it gets easier).

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 I believe that this extracurricular reading of the Harry Potter novels will bring on my Mandarin in leaps and bounds.
William Shaw, a LittleNex Member.

Advanced Chinese

The stories selected here come from well-known tales, poems, or stories. The Chinese vocabulary presented in this section is richer and more specific than in the intermediate reading section. The advanced student is here encouraged to grow less dependent on pinyin or translation in order to read Chinese without support. Both texts and vocabulary guides are part of the LittleNex Chinese learning program.

How to Read

Just click on a free title to download the excerpt or go to and sign up at LITTLENEX for more titles. All PDFs have a clean and elegant design and are optimized to be viewed at a 65-75% magnification level.

Read Chinese Classics

Poems, Proverbs and Traditional Stories

The Chinese Proverbs are annotated and all advanced vocabulary words are translated and transcribed in pinyin.

Given the difficulty for reading and understanding Chinese poems, the Chinese Poems for Advanced Students are annotated and ALL characters are translated and transcribed in pinyin.

Peach Blossom Shangri-la is written with traditional characters with NO pinyin transcription. However, the English translation is provided to aid with comprehension.

Illustrations are not representative of the Chinese learning tools which are in digital format unless specified otherwise.