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Mandarin Chinese

Online Chinese Dictionaries

Chinese-English Online Dictionary
Audio Chinese dictionary searchable in Chinese (simplified or traditional), pronunciation (Pinyin or Zhuyin) or English.

Xiaoma Cidian: an Online Dictionary
Chinese-English Dictionary and tools: HSK lists, search by Pinyin, Chinese character, English definition, frequent characters, and strokes.
A Chinese-English Dictionary based on etymology. Traditional Chinese characters only. Note that copy-pasting from the website is not possible.

Chinese Online Dictionary
Chinese language online Dictionary: search by Pinyin or by Chinese radicals. The radicals are presented in a user-friendly manner.

MDBG Chinese Online Dictionary
Chinese-English dictionary with many tools, MDBG is a reference website for many Chinese learners.

Chinese Pop-up Dictionary
This is a Firefox add-on. Once installed, hover your mouse on any Chinese character and its meaning will show. Cantonese is also supported.

LINE Chinese English Dictionary
This online dictionary allows you to search by drawing a Chinese character with your mouse.

Google Translate
Google Translate offers translations in both Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese, with pinyin and audio pronunciation.

Mandarin Chinese

Write in Chinese

Download Chinese Fonts
A list of different Chinese script fonts to download and use in order to write Chinese charaters.

Chinese Fonts from Heidelberg
A collection of free high quality Chinese truetype fonts from the Institute of Chinese Studies of the University of Heidelberg.

Google Pinyin Input
Use this ANDROID app to input Chinese characters with pinyin or handwriting recognition.

Pinyin to Unicode Convertor
This web site converts text written in pinyin, with syllable-final tone numbers, into unicode. The result is displayed both as plain unicode text and as the HTML code necessary to display the unicode in a web page. Simply enter or paste in the pinyin and convert.

Mandarin Chinese

Video Websites in Chinese

Youku: the Chinese Youtube
Youku holds tons of free videos in both Mandarin and Cantonese (Chinese language website).

Tudou: the other Chinese Youtube
Tudou also hosts millions of free videos in both Mandarin and Cantonese (Chinese language website).

Sohu: Learn Chinese watching dramas
Chinese dramas and comedies abound in this website (Chinese language website).

A Bite of China - CCTV in English
Documentaries in English made by, the official Chinese TV network. CCTV stands for China Central Television.

YOUTUBE: PJ Masks in Mandarin
The title says it all :). PJ Masks is a kid-friendly cartoon featuring three little heroes going on missions at night. The Mandarin vocabulary in this series is very simple and perfect for beginners.

Mandarin Chinese

Chinese Culture

Hong Kong Museum of History
Learn more about Chinese culture and Chinese history by visiting their online exhibitions.

Chinese Festivals by Cultural China
Learn more about Chinese festivals with beautifully rendered editions of stories depicting each one of them.

The World of Chinese
The World of Chinese is a magazine website where you can find informative articles on China-related topics.

CriEnglish - Chinese news in English
Informative articles, news and radio broadcast in English about China.

Cantonese Chinese

Online Cantonese Dictionaries

Online Cantonese Dictionary
CantoDict - a unique English/Cantonese/Mandarin dictionary.

Dictionary of the Yue Language
Yue is another name for Cantonese. The website is still in beta.

Kaifang Dictionary of Cantonese
The website is in traditional Chinese characters and uses jyutping.

Cantonese Chinese

Videos in Cantonese

My Little Pony in Cantonese
Hasbro has released free episodes of My Little Pony in Cantonese with Chinese subtitles.

Lilo and Stitch TV show in Cantonese
Disney's TV show Lilo and Stitch (no subtitles but excellent sound and image quality).

Raa Raa Noisy Lion in Cantonese
Clay animation TV show for toddlers with Cantonese Chinese subtitles in traditional characters (very rare!).

Creamy, a classic manga anime cartoon in Cantonese
This one is kid-friendly.

Michu World
A collection of read-along stories in Cantonese.

Cantonese Chinese

Read and Write in Cantonese

Cantonese font with Jyutping
Use this font with Microsoft 365 to visualize Traditional Chinese characters accompanied by Jyutping romanization. The Cantonese font includes pronunciation for over 8,000 characters, including special characters used only in vernacular Cantonese.

Illustrations are not representative of the Chinese learning tools which are in digital format unless specified otherwise.