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From Teaching Professionals

 I am a Chinese teacher in Australia and I have been totally astounded with the results your games have produced. Thank you very much for producing these which, despite their simplicity, are so fantastically effective.

Ian Perry, The Gap State High School (Brisbane, Australia)


 I am happy to continue recommending the LittleNex site [our Member Website] to my students and their parents.

Ann Light, the International School of Beijing (China)


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Learn Chinese in a world of epic adventures!

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Play FREE online educational games for learning Chinese from our members-only site and enjoy FREE Chinese learning tools such as picture flashcards with both pinyin and Chinese characters (calligraphy and print), annotated bilingual ebooks in basic, intermediate, and advanced Chinese, and Chinese vocabulary lists carefully organized by subject and difficulty level and featuring pinyin and English translation.

You will also find here free excerpts of well-known literature works in Chinese with their Chinese vocabulary guides in English and pinyin to help with Mandarin reading. Quiz yourself in a fun and interactive way with our FREE Chinese characters online flashcards. Help yourself to some awesomely cool wallpapers that will help you memorize the most difficult Chinese characters. Help your kids and toddlers learn Chinese, find the meaning of your name in Chinese or just have fun exploring our website!

To have access to the role-playing game The Chronicles of LittleNex, please subscribe at our members-only site and learn Chinese in a world of epic adventures! Get unlimited access to all the content featured here at Games2LearnChinese, and so much more: illustrated lessons, exercises, activities, audio-visuals, and online exhibitions! More on this here »

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Complex concepts are always taught through games and learning Chinese is no exception. Learning the smart way means stimulating your learning experience with a rewarding factor. Only then will your learning be a success and a fun adventure. Be cool, be smart.

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