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We offer you FREE Chinese learning tools from LITTLENEX, a Chinese learning program online with proven efficiency.

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praised by Chinese teachers

I am a Chinese teacher in Australia and I have been totally astounded with the results your games have produced. Thank you very much for producing these which, despite their simplicity, are so fantastically effective.
Ian Perry, The Gap State High School (Brisbane, Australia)

I am happy to continue recommending the LITTLENEX site [our Member site] to my students and their parents.
Ann Light, the International School of Beijing (China)

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Learning a language requires repetition, memorization, and deep learning. Our games are the perfect online Chinese learning tools. They all come with a complete lesson to build vocab and grammar skills.

Practice reading, writing, speaking and listening with fun games and spaced repetition. Whether you're enrolled in a formal Chinese class or learn Chinese on your own, LITTLENEX online Chinese learning tools are a good break in the pace and give you real results.

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Unlock all content at LITTLENEX, our member site. Learn Chinese at your own pace with illustrated lessons, quizzes, and activities. Apply your language skills within a role-playing game.

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