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 I am a Chinese teacher in Australia and I have been totally astounded with the results your games have produced. Thank you very much for producing these which, despite their simplicity, are so fantastically effective.

Ian Perry, The Gap State High School (Brisbane, Australia)


 I am happy to continue recommending the LittleNex site [our Member Website] to my students and their parents.

Ann Light, the International School of Beijing (China)


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Learn Chinese while playing games: it's educational, it's fun, it's smart.

Play FREE online LittleNex educational games for learning Chinese and enjoy FREE Chinese learning tools such as picture flashcards with both pinyin and Chinese characters (calligraphy and print), annotated bilingual ebooks in basic, intermediate, and advanced Chinese, and Chinese vocabulary lists carefully organized by subject and difficulty level and featuring pinyin and English translation.

You will also find here free excerpts of well-known literature works in Chinese with their Chinese vocabulary guides in English and pinyin to help with Mandarin reading. Quiz yourself in a fun and interactive way with our FREE Chinese characters online flashcards! All the basic Chinese words you always wanted to know are covered here.

Help yourself to some awesomely cool wallpapers that will help you memorize the most difficult Chinese characters. Help your kids and toddlers learn Chinese, find the meaning of your name in Chinese or just have fun exploring our website!

What You Will Learn


Unless otherwise stated, Chinese is understood as Mandarin Chinese throughout the website.

Cantonese which is a major Chinese dialect spoken around the world will be added later to our program.

Simplified Characters

The Chinese characters we feature are the simplified characters officially used in China.

Traditional characters can nonetheless be learned with some of our flashcards, games, and ebooks.


We use Pinyin to represent the standard pronunciation of Mandarin in all of our content.

Jyutping is used as the notation system for Cantonese. Read more...


Head over to our Member Website for an unlimited access to all content including full version games, Chinese language courses, and audio-visual material! You must subscribe to an annual membership to get access to the website.

Teachers can request a student login in addition to their membership by contacting us directly.

What's New

  • Chinese Word Search: Animals

    These are super useful to identify quickly two-character words in Chinese. Teach your kid to recognize them in a crowd of other characters! There are 5 grids: Sea Animals, My Little Pets, Animals from Africa, Animals from Tales, and Wild Animals.

  • Chinese Night Sky

    If you want to impress a friend by identifying the constellations in a night sky, you might want to think twice: there is no Orion's Belt or Andromeda in the Asian night sky... so learn fast with this useful wallpaper!

  • Chinese Exam: HSK Level 1

    Student's Special: here is the UNCLUTTERED and complete list of the 150 words you must know to pass your HSK level 1! HSK is a Chinese Language Proficiency test. Learn more about it here.

  • Chinese Star Wars Comic Book

    Chinese transcription (characters and pinyin) with English translation of the free comic book available in our eBook section. Don't forget to grab the vocabulary guide as well!

  • Advanced Chinese Flashcards

    Learn how to order your next breakfast in Chinese!

  • Chinese for Kids

    Have your little ones use dominoes to learn Chinese!

  • Chinese Learning Game

    Studying International Relations? Cramming for a diplomacy exam? Take a break with this game and make sure you know your country names in Chinese!

  • Read Harry Potter in Chinese

    Read free excerpts from the Chinese version of the Harry Potter books! Each excerpt comes with its own vocabulary list (pinyin and English included).

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  • Chinese Learning Games

    Chinese Learning Games

    Learn Pinyin and Chinese characters with fun mini-games that have been proven effective by teachers around the world!

  • Chinese Printable Flashcards

    Chinese Printable Flashcards

    Neat, illustrated and colorful flashcards with English, Pinyin, and 2 different styles of Chinese characters.

  • Chinese Online Flashcards

    Chinese Online Flashcards

    Character-based online flashcards are color-coded for the 4 tones in Mandarin. Image-based flashcards are a quick way to memorize Chinese.

  • Chinese Ebooks

    Ebooks in Chinese

    Beginner ebooks show word-for-word Pinyin and English. More advanced Chinese texts include annotations and selected Pinyin / translation.

  • Chinese Vocabulary

    Chinese Vocabulary

    Learn useful Chinese words with our basic to advanced Chinese vocabulary lists by subjects and read-along vocabulary guides.

  • Harry Potter in Chinese

    Harry Potter in Chinese!

    Read Chinese with the Harry Potter books! Get FREE extracts from the Chinese edition and FREE vocabulary guides to follow along.

  • Chinese learning wallpapers


    Visually memorize complex Chinese characters or words with wallpapers! Choose your format: desktop, mobile, or tablet.

  • Chinese for Kids

    Chinese for Kids

    Let your kids learn simple Chinese with coloring pages, spot-the-difference games, and pair-off games!

  • Books for learning Chinese

    The Bookstore

    Visit our bookstore for reference books, dictionaries, novels, comic books, children's books, all for learning Chinese!

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  • The Chinese Languages

    Chinese is a group of related but quite different language varieties.

    The varieties of Chinese are usually described as dialects for political reasons but they are linguistically as diverse and different as languages.

    For example, somebody from Beijing where people speak Beijing Mandarin would have a hard time understanding somebody from Hong Kong where people speak Cantonese .

  • Mutual Understanding

    There are between 7 and 13 main regional groups of Chinese.

    Most of them share common terms and some degree of intelligibility or understanding.

    A person speaking only Cantonese can still find out what a person from Beijing wants to say, just by following a set of conversion patterns.

    For example, most characters pronounced bian in Beijing are converted into bin in Cantonese.

  • Mandarin is a Standard

    Why is Mandarin always presented as the official Chinese language?

    Mandarin or Standard Chinese (also called Putonghua, Guoyu, or Huayu) is the standardized form of the Beijing dialect.

    Mandarin is the official language of China and Taiwan, as well as one of the four official languages of Singapore. It is also one of the six official languages of the United Nations. This position on the international scene makes it look like a run-of-the-mill language.

  • Transcriptions of Chinese

    Pinyin is the phonetics developed in the 1950s by Mainland China for transliterating Chinese characters into the Roman alphabet.

    Pinyin is not the only transcription system for Chinese. Other systems such as Zhuyin or Bopomofo, the Yale Romanization or the Wade-Giles, which was the system in use in the English-speaking world for most of the 20th century, are also valid and commonly known notation systems.

  • Simplified and Traditional Chinese Characters

    Two Chinese writing systems are in place. Simplified characters are officially used in Mainland China, Singapore, and the United Nations. Traditional Chinese characters are used in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and in the overseas Chinese communities around the world.

    To learn more on Chinese traditional characters, Chinese simplified characters, pinyin and other Chinese languages, see the Chinese language courses at our Member website

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Complex concepts are always taught through games and learning Chinese is no exception. Learning the smart way means stimulating your learning experience with a rewarding factor. Only then will your learning be a success and a fun adventure. Be cool, be smart.

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