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These Chinese flashcards online are part of the LITTLENEX Chinese learning program.

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Quiz yourself and memorize more Chinese vocabulary words with online flashcards that cover many subjects and include beginner, intermediate and advanced levels of Chinese study.

The first side of the flashcards shows either the Chinese characters or an image representing the Chinese words. Both types of flashcards show the pinyin transcription and the translation in English on the reverse side.

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These flashcards are part of the LITTLENEX Chinese learning program.

Chinese Flashcards Online

Beginner Chinese Vocabulary

 Essential Verbs
 Essential Adjectives
 Farm Animals
 Traditional Characters 1
 Traditional Characters 2
 Picture Animals 1
Picture Animals 2
 Picture Animals 3
 Picture Animals 4
 Picture Animals 5
 Picture Colors
 Picture Sauces
 Picture Birds
 Picture Clothes
Picture Drinks

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Chinese Flashcards Online

Intermediate Chinese Vocabulary

 Interjections 2
 Interjections 3
 Chinese Eatery
 HAND Verbs
 HAND Verbs 2
 Marine Animals
 Endangered Animals
 Forest Animals
Traditional Set 1
 Traditional Set 2
 Traditional Set 3
 Traditional Set 4

Chinese Flashcards Online

Advanced Chinese Vocabulary

FinTech 1
 FinTech 2
 FinTech 3
FinTech 4
Double Expressions
 Twin Words
Chemical Elements 1
 Chemical Elements 2
 Chemical Elements 3
 Chemical Elements 4
Traditional Set 5
 Traditional Set 6
 Traditional Set 7
 Traditional Set 8
 Traditional Set 9
 Traditional Set 10
 Traditional Set 11
 Traditional Set 12

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