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Chinese Reading Practice
Beginner Chinese

Beginner Chinese reading practice
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Chinese Nursery Rhymes

For Students

Chinese text, word-for-word Pinyin and English, and English translation

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Chinese Nursery Rhymes

For Parents

Chinese text, word-for-word Pinyin, and English translation

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Chinese Reading Practice: How to Read

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Chinese Text, Pinyin, and English

The Chinese text appears with the pinyin transcription directly above each Chinese character. The English translation is shown right below each Chinese character as well so the beginner student can learn to recognize the meaning of individual Chinese characters while understanding at the same time the general meaning of the sentence or group of characters.

Because the stories selected here come from nursery rhymes and riddles for children, the Chinese vocabulary presented in this section is simple, useful, and of easy access to any beginner learner.

These Chinese language ebooks and texts are part of the LITTLENEX Chinese Learning Program.

Chinese Riddles

Chinese, word-for-word Pinyin, and word-for-word English

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Illustrations are not representative of the Chinese learning tools which are in digital format unless specified otherwise.