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Chinese Learning Wallpapers

Chinese Wallpapers

These Chinese wallpapers are part of the LITTLENEX Chinese learning program.

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Structure & Analysis

Chinese Characters Wallpapers

Chinese characters and their components explained and illustrated

Chinese Learning Wallpapers
Chinese Characters Memorization

Each Chinese learning wallpaper has been carefully designed to help with understanding and memorizing Chinese characters or Chinese radicals by playing on visual memory and image association.

It is well-known that Chinese characters are particularly difficult to learn because of their complexity and sheer variety. However, generations of Chinese learners succeeded in the task. How? By understanding the meaning of each part and component of each Chinese character. Our Chinese learning games are perfect to help you memorize Chinese characters. Adding wallpapers to your Chinese learning arsenal might just give you the extra edge you need to clinch those Chinese characters into your memory.

Learning Method

With the Chinese characters wallpapers, learning happens in two phases: one active and the other passive. In the active phase, the first time you see the wallpaper you actively learn how to read the Chinese character featured on the wallpaper. Then in the passive phase, every time you glance at the wallpaper which serves as a background for your computer or mobile devices, your memory is triggered and invited to recall the Chinese character you want to memorize.

The Chinese vocabulary wallpapers are more loosely designed with Chinese characters taking center stage. Get familiar with their shapes and outlines, and they will soon become friendly faces you recognize in a crowd. The Chinese culture wallpapers present different aspects of Chinese culture.

Visual Memorization

Chinese Vocabulary Wallpapers


Cultural Understanding

Chinese Culture Wallpapers

Illustrations are not representative of the learning tools which are in digital format unless specified otherwise.