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The Chronicles of Littlenex

See a FREE lesson here, or explore our free version games with free access to their attached lesson. LittleNex is our members-only site where you can unlock all available lessons with a minimum 6-month membership. The membership gives you unlimited access to all the content featured here at Games2LearnChinese, and so much more: lessons, quizzes, exercises, activities, audio-visuals, and online exhibitions!

Chinese Lesson Structure

Each lesson is part of an organized original curriculum and includes grammar points, usage rules, clear explanations, examples, and essential vocabulary words to learn. Many of them are attached to a game that serves as an illustration to the lesson, or help you advance in The Chronicles of LITTLENEX, a role-playing game available at our members-only site LittleNex.

Some of our games specifically prepare for the HSK exam, and the rest of them generally follow the HSK vocabulary guidelines.

Sample Lesson

Game Integration

Most games presented here at Games2LearnChinese are attached to their specific lesson topic. Each lesson contains all the vocabulary words featured in the game (pinyin and English included) and a clear explanation with examples regarding the grammar or usage rule in focus. The link to the lesson is offered at the beginning of the game, and again during gameplay, usually at game over.

Cheatsheets are sometimes available as well within the game, allowing you to learn before you play. Or you can also dive right in the game, and then review its cheatsheet to confidently own what you have just learned with the game!

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Learning Tools

In addition to the games and the lessons, quizzes at all levels of the curriculum serve as progress checkpoints: after each lesson, each end of course, and each level reached. Audio-visual activities offer a diversified approach to learning, as well as visual aids such as wallpapers. Blank writing sheets and writing sheets for Chinese character writing practice are also available.

The role-playing game at our members-only website LittleNex contains puzzles and online exhibitions to strengthen your learning process.


Role-Playing Game

The Chronicles of LittleNex is a one-player role-playing game in seek-and-find mode where learning Chinese helps you solve riddles to unravel the mysterious past of the Gatekeepers. The process of experiential learning within the confines of a game anchors grammar points and/or vocabulary in the learner's long-term memory.

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