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English Names in Chinese

Girl Names

Abby 阿碧 blue green jade
Aline 阿琳 gem
Ally 爱丽 love and beauty
Amber 安波 wave of peace
艾美 as beautiful as artemisia
Ann peace
Aude 奥德 mystery and goodness
Betty 贝蒂 coming out of a shell (pearl)
Becky 贝基 mother-of-pearl
Cathy 凯西 triumphant West
Celine 塞琳 overflowing with gems
Cindy 辛迪 tired but enlightened
Debbie 德比 competition of virtues
Diane 黛安 black peace
Ella 艾拉 artemisia playing music
Emma 艾玛 artemisia and agate
Eve 伊夫 she and he
Faye elegance
Gina, Jenna 吉娜 lucky and graceful
Gwen 沽雯 playing with colorful clouds
Holly 荷莉 lotus and jasmine
Jackie 杰姬 brave lady
Jane simplicity
Jenny 珍妮 lady as precious as treasure
Joan jasper
Julie 朱丽 beautiful vermillion
Kara 卡拉 she who picks her own cards
Karen 凯琳 sparkling gem
Kate 凯特 triumphant and unique
Kim gold
Laura 劳拉 enslaved by music
Laurie 萝莉 roots of jasmine
Leila 蕾拉 flower bud playing music
Lily 莉莉 jasmine
Lisa 丽莎 beautiful sea of grass
Lou jade
Lucy 露西 dew of the West
Lynn gem
Maggie 玛吉 lucky agate
Margaux 玛歌 song of agate
Mary 玛丽 beautiful agate
May plum
Maya 玛雅 elegant agate
Meg 梅格 character of a plum (sweet)
Molly 茉莉 jasmine
Nancy 南茜 flower of the South
Nina 妮娜 graceful girl
Peggy 佩吉 luck is with her
Penny 佩妮 respect your daughters
Renee 蕾妮 lady in bloom
Rita 莉塔 jasmine pagoda
Ruth 露丝 threads of dew
Sabine 萨宾 guest of the bodhisattvas
Sadie 萨蒂 source of wisdom
Sally 莎莉 grass and jasmine
Sandy 桑迪 enlightened mulberry tree
Sarah 萨哈 laughter of the bodhisattvas
Shelly 雪莱 snow on grass
Solene 苏莲 revived lotus
Susie 苏西 Western renaissance
Tammy 塔米 tower of rice
Tara 泰拉 she who brings peace and safety
Vicky 维吉 lucky charm
Wendy 温蒂 source of warmth
Zoe 佐伊 helper

Boy Names

Aaron 阿隆 grand
Alan 阿兰 orchid
Alec 雷克 he who can tame thunder
Andy 安迪 peaceful and enlightened
Arthur 阿瑟 harp
Barry 巴利 multiplier of benefits
Ben origin
Billy 比利 cornucopia
Bob 鲍步 he who paces like an abalone
Charlie 查利 excellent researcher
Colin 科琳 treasure of rules
Connor 康纳 enjoy good health
Corey 克里 inner control
Dan red
David 大卫 impressive guardian
Dylan 迪伦 enlightenment and order
Eddy 艾迪 enlightened artemisia
Enzo 恩佐 kind and merciful
Ethan 伊桑 like a mulberry tree
Eugene 尤金 outstanding like gold
Gabby 加比 competitive
Gael 盖尔 he who protects
Gary 加里 inner growth
George 乔治 high ruler
Gus 古斯 ancient
Harry 哈利 laughter and goodness
Henry 亨利 prosperity
Hugo 雨果 rain and fruit
Ian 伊恩 kindness
Ivan 伊万 a great multitude
Jack 杰克 hero and champion
Jessie 杰西 Hero of the West
Jeff 杰夫 hero and husband
Jerry 杰里 hero on the inside
Jimmy 吉米 lucky rice
Joe tall
John 约翰 flowing like a writing brush
Keith 凯斯 triumphant
Ken he who is willing
Kevin 凯文 triumph and knowledge
Lewis 路易 may your path be easy
Luke 卢克 to overcome
Mark 马克 horse whisperer
Matt 马特 unique horse
Mike 麦克 he who can grow barley
Neil 尼尔 he who is like a monk
Noah 诺阿 promise
Owen 欧文 European culture
Paul 保罗 talkative guardian
Peter 彼得 duty towards one another
Ray thunder
Richard 理查 logic and reason
Ricky 瑞奇 oddly lucky
Robin 罗宾 talkative guest
Roger 罗杰 talkative hero
Sam 山姆 butler of the mountain
Sean 肖恩 like kindness itself
Ted 泰德 peace and virtue
Tim 蒂姆 honest butler
Todd 托德 he who supports virtue
Tommy 托米 he who supports rice (prosperity)
Tony 托尼 he who supports beliefs
Wayne 韦恩 kind like soft leather
Will 威尔 wonderful
Yann 雅恩 kind and elegant

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