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How to Print Basic Intermediate Advanced
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Bernard Veronesi (teacher).
how to print your English vocabulary printable flahscards

Download and print both sides!

Each set of Chinese vocabulary printable flashcards comes in color with two different styles of Chinese characters, their pinyin (pronunciation) and their translation in English. Many flashcards are available for FREE right here. Print one side, flip the page and print the other side making sure corners A and B are aligned (see picture).

Note: Chinese characters do not display well in Firefox. Use another browser or Adobe Reader.

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Chinese Printable Picture Flashcards

Chinese Printable Flashcards FAQ

Flashcards are a fun game that you can play on your own or with friends who also want to learn Mandarin Chinese. For example: print enough flashcards to have a nice deck and gather two teams. A player in your team holds a flashcard on her forehead with the Chinese characters side towards you. You then read the characters out loud so the player with the flashcard can guess what the English translation should be. Both answers must be correct to win points for the team.

For more game ideas, check out Teach Chinese Through Flashcard Games.

Printable flashcards are a great learning tool to build your Chinese vocabulary because they play with your visual memory. It is often easier for most Chinese learners to memorize vocabulary words by connecting a picture with a meaning. It is the educational role of printable flashcards to help you just do that.

Our printable flashcards are great study aids that feature color pictures, the pinyin transcription, the English translation, and the Chinese characters in two different writing styles. They are available as printable PDFs organized by subjects. All images are chosen for their educational value only. All vocabulary words have been carefully selected for their usefulness. A set is comprised of up to 32 flashcards.

We feature two different writing styles on Games 2 Learn Chinese's printable flashcards because it is sometimes difficult for students with an educational background that is not familiar with calligraphy to identify Chinese characters written with a brush stroke style. It is important for students learning Chinese characters for the first time to be familiarized with the shapes and patterns of a Chinese character no matter the style of its stroke. Games 2 Learn Chinese's flashcards have been designed with this in mind, because we care.

For more on Chinese calligraphy, check out From Pictograph to Ideogram: the History of 214 Essential Chinese Characters.

For more on Chinese characters brush strokes, check out An Introduction to Kaishu (Standard Script).

Our printable flashcards feature simplified characters used in Mainland China, Singapore, and the United Nations. Traditional characters (used in Hong Kong and Taiwan) will be made available in a special set.

The phonetics system used on Games 2 Learn Chinese's free printable flashcards is the pinyin system. Do not read pinyin as you would English! Pinyin has its own pronunciation keys.

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Chinese Vocabulary Flashcards

Basic Chinese

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Chinese Vocabulary Flashcards

Intermediate Chinese

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Chinese Vocabulary Flashcards

Advanced Chinese

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