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Chinese Language Awareness

Colors in Chinese

Learn colors in Chinese for kids

It's like painting by numbers, but with Chinese characters. Your child learns effortlessly while associating Chinese characters with their corresponding colors. For best results, select many pages to diversify the range of colors. Adjectives such as light and dark are also introduced. Sign up for more at LITTLENEX!

Click to open, right-click to save, and then just print it out!

Chinese Language Exploration

Basic Chinese Vocabulary

Click to open, right-click to save, and then print it out! Look carefully at the pictures and each of the Chinese characters. Find the picture that matches the correct Chinese character and draw a line connecting the two.

Chinese Calligraphy for Kids

Chinese Writing

The strokes in the Chinese writing system have names and are to be written in the correct order. Complete the picture, then practice writing! Use a big tip pencil to fill the shape in one stroke!

Chinese Characters Learning for Kids

Spot the Difference

Click to open, right-click to save, and then print it out! Look carefully at the Chinese characters. Circle the difference.

Chinese Vocabulary for Kids

Characters Mix-up

Click to open, right-click to save, and then print it out! Cut out the pictures and Chinese characters, then unscramble them to make the words.

Chinese Practice for Kids

Chinese Learning Dominoes

Click to download, and then print it out! Cut out the dominoes carefully, and deal them out. You can link all Chinese characters with their matching value! Complete rules and character definitions are included in the pdf files.

Chinese Flashcards for Kids

Animals Matching Flashcards

Click to download, and then print it out! Join the words to the pictures for your child to learn the Chinese characters, then cut the flashcards out and match them with your kid! Chinese character definitions are included for reference in the pdf files.

Animals in Chinese for Kids

Find all the animals in the grids, but be careful: words can be read in all directions!

Read with your Kids

Chinese Folktales

Why the Dog Hates the Cat

What we shall eat to-morrow, I haven't the slightest idea!" said Widow Wang to her eldest son, as he started out one morning in search of work.

"Oh, the gods will provide. I'll find a few coppers somewhere," replied the boy, trying to speak cheerfully, although in his heart he also had not the slightest idea in which direction to turn.

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The Great Bell

The mighty Yung-lo sat on the great throne surrounded by a hundred attendants. He was sad, for he could think of no wonderful thing to do for his country. He flirted his silken fan nervously and snapped his long finger-nails in the impatience of despair.

"Woe is me!" he cried at last, his sorrow getting the better of his usual calmness. "I have picked up the great capital and moved it from the South to Peking and have built here a mighty city. I have surrounded my city with a wall, even thicker and greater than the famous wall of China.

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The Strange Tale of Doctor Dog

Far up in the mountains of the Province of Hunan in the central part of China, there once lived in a small village a rich gentleman who had only one child. This girl, like the daughter of Kwan-yu in the story of the Great Bell, was the very joy of her father's life.

Now Mr. Min, for that was this gentleman's name, was famous throughout the whole district for his learning, and, as he was also the owner of much property, he spared no effort to teach Honeysuckle the wisdom of the sages, and to give her everything she craved.

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