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Chinese Radicals

The Ancient Code Games

 We have used Ancient Code a lot this term with our Year 8s who have just started learning Chinese. It has been by far the most efficient learning tool for learning radicals ever.
Ian Perry, The Gap State High School (Brisbane, Australia)  The graphics are great and it is a very effective way to learn Chinese radicals.
Denni Schnapp, Chinese learner in China

Basic Chinese

Vocabulary Learning Games

Basic Chinese

Grammar Learning Games

Basic Chinese Vocabulary | Chinese Grammar Game

Chinese Grammar

Learn how Chinese sentences build up, understand intuitively how Chinese grammar works. Imperatives and negatives are introduced in this game.

English, pinyin, and Chinese characters are provided.

Chinese Pronunciation

Listening Games

Improving Your Already Excellent Chinese

Advanced Chinese Learning Games

Chinese Phonetic Characters | Country Names Game | Advanced Chinese

Phonetic Characters

Learn what Chinese characters are most used to represent foreign names phonetically.

Most countries in the world from 4 continents are featured in this game.

Coming Soon

Counting in Chinese

Buy your refined tea in a luxury tea shop, but beware! Thou must be able to count before purchasing any tea leaf from this store.

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