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Cinderella, Chinese Text & Vocabulary

Cinderella in Chinese (text and vocabulary)

The official Chinese translation of the well-known fairy tale by Charles Perrault is brought to you here in its full simplified Chinese characters text followed by its vocabulary guide. Each selected vocabulary word appears in blue in the text, and listed with its pinyin and English definition in the guide. Cross-referenced reading and vocabulary sections allow you to jump easily back and forth.

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Intermediate Chinese

The stories selected here come from well-known tales, or are written with relatively simple sentence structures. The Chinese vocabulary presented in this section is richer and more diverse than in the beginner Chinese eBooks section. The intermediate student is encouraged to become more independent from both and grow more confident about reading Chinese without direct support as in the beginner section.

How to Read our Chinese eBooks

All eBooks have a clean and elegant design. The Chinese text can be read alone or with its corresponding vocabulary guide, which includes the pinyin transcription and the English translation.

Just click on a book or title to download the free Chinese language eBook in PDF format or subscribe for a semester at for more eBooks. Attached Chinese vocabulary guides have cross-referenced reading and vocabulary sections allowing you to jump easily back and forth.

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Chinese Fiction

Short Stories from Chinese Folktales

Short Stories Collection 1

Chinese text in simplified characters, word-for-word pinyin, selected words translated into English, and annotations

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Star Wars 1980 Chinese Comic Book

Free eBook to download

Chinese Comic book (Popular Science Press, 1980) based on the Star Wars Episode IV movie. Made available online by Maggie Greene and Brendan O'Kane. The comic book is perfect to learn your most essential sci-fi vocabulary words in Chinese!

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Don't forget the vocabulary guide for this comic book! 14 pages of intermediate vocabulary words listed in order of appearance with both pinyin and English definitions.

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Intermediate Chinese

Fairy Tales in Chinese

You can also read your favorite novels with our Chinese vocabulary guides!

Intermediate Chinese

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