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Chinese Reading Practice
Intermediate Chinese

Intermediate Chinese reading Practice
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Chinese Short Stories

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煎饼帽子 Jiānbing Màozi


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两只小兔子 Liǎng Zhī Xiǎo Tùzi


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Intermediate Chinese

Except for Crane & Fox set in traditional characters, the stories selected here are in simplified Chinese characters. All stories come from well-known tales or stories with simple sentence structures. The Chinese vocabulary presented in this section is richer and more diverse than in the beginner Chinese eBooks section. The intermediate student is encouraged to become more independent from both and grow more confident about reading Chinese without direct support as in the beginner section.

How to Read

The Chinese text can be read alone or with its corresponding vocabulary guide, which includes the pinyin transcription and the English translation.For online reads, just click on the highlighted characters to see the pinyin and the definition of the term. For PDF, jump to the vocabulary section or back to the text itself.

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Chinese Short Stories

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Illustrations are not representative of the learning tools which are in digital format unless specified otherwise.