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Advanced Chinese Vocabulary

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What are the HSK exams?

HSK stands for Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi, which literally means «Chinese Level Exam». It is the equivalent of the TOEFL for Mandarin. The HSK certificate, which is valid for two years, is required of all foreign students wishing to get into Chinese colleges.

The HSK test is made up of listening comprehension and reading comprehension sections, and contains a total of 40 items to be answered within 40 minutes. Students must score at least 120 points to pass the exam. Students who successfully pass the HSK Level I can understand 150 commonly used words and basic grammar patterns, use very simple Chinese sentences, and meet basic needs for communication. The HSK Level I is intended for students who have studied Chinese for a semester with 2 to 3 class hours each week.

What's in this Section?

Each vocabulary list features the Chinese characters along with their English translation and their pinyin transcription. These vocabulary lists are geared towards advanced Chinese Learners who wish to get a complete understanding of the Chinese language. These Chinese vocabulary word lists are part of the Chinese language courses at LittleNex.

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Chinese Level Exams

Prepare for the HSK


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