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Quiz yourself and memorize more Chinese vocabulary words with online flashcards that cover many subjects and include beginner, intermediate and advanced levels of Chinese study.

The first side of the Chinese Vocabulary Online Flashcards shows either the Chinese characters or an image representing the Chinese words. Character-based online flashcards feature color-coded flashcards for easy memorization of the Chinese character tone when pronounced in Mandarin.

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These Chinese vocabulary word flashcards are part of the Chinese language courses at LittleNex.

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Chinese Tones

Tones are extremely important in Chinese. If you cannot pronounce the correct tones for each Chinese character, you will not make yourself understood. Mandarin Chinese has five tones: the traditional four tones and the neutral tone. The four tones are: high and level (first tone), rising (second tone), falling rising (third tone), and falling (fourth tone).

To help out visual learners with memorizing which tone goes with which character, color has been associated with the tones. Introduced in Chinese Through Tone & Color by Nathan Dummit, the de facto standard has been to use red (first tone), orange or yellow (second tone), green (third tone), blue (fourth tone), and black (neutral tone).

Please keep in mind that the tones described above are those of Mandarin Chinese. Cantonese has 6 to 9 tones which are completely different from those of Mandarin.


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